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Freelance sportswriter and editor C.J. Feehan’s articles have appeared in The Stowe Reporter, Alpine Press, S-Media Snowsports Culture, and on She is currently the web editor at Ski Racing Magazine: The International Journal of Snowsport Competition. Born and raised in Randolph, New Jersey, Feehan graduated from Skidmore College and earned a master’s degree with a creative writing concentration from Dartmouth College. The writer previously worked as a professional ski coach, college professor, and preparatory school humanities teacher while living in California, British Columbia, and New England, and she chronicled her various tales of mishap in these roles in her 2013 debut book Life Gives Me Lemons: Adventures in Bad Luck and Bold Misfortune. She currently resides in Burlington, Vermont, where she happily consumes real maple syrup when she’s not off chasing snowstorms or her next storyline.

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