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"If a couloir slides in the middle of a resort and nobody is there to see you trigger it, did it ever really happen?" - from Just a Little Avalanche

Debut Book by C.J. Feehan                                        BUY IT HERE

Life Gives Me Lemons: Adventures in Bad Luck and Bold Misfortune

“Just reading your manuscript cursed me. From Friday to Sunday, I locked myself out of four places, dealt with two broken toilets and a broken garage, wound up making five trips to Home Depot, and paid seventy dollars in locksmith fees. I don’t think I want a copy of your actual book; that would be like keeping a mini Bermuda Triangle in my home.”  –Jennifer Dudanowicz, Esq.


When a globetrotting journalist with rotten luck hits the road, she never knows what’s going to happen. C.J. Feehan has been run over by her own car, caused an avalanche at a Canadian ski resort, been chased by a black bear while biking, and had the engine of a rental car explode on a Colorado mountain pass. She’s even faced ostracism from her family after a weekend trip to Mexico. Feehan has learned to laugh and persevere, despite the bad luck that plagues her from coast to coast—and even Europe.


Based on the German concept of Schadenfreude (finding pleasure in someone else’s misery), Life Gives Me Lemons: Adventures in Bad Luck and Bold Misfortune features twenty-one humorous stories ranging from near-death experiences to embarrassing despair. Readers will find themselves smiling at images of a 5-year-old who thinks she can run down a ladder and sympathizing with a hiker who has blisters the size of Everest. The author’s uncanny ability to emerge relatively unscathed when fate throws obstacles in her path provides the link that binds these unforgettable stories into an epic narrative. 

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